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CSLogD   ... a new Log D predictor


CSLogD            it delivers

Based on our powerful LogP and pKa predictors...

Classes of Compounds...

     Monoprotic, diprotic and 12 classes of ampholytes to coverup to 3 pkas per compound.

LogD pH-profiles...

     In range 0-14 with ion-pairing cutoffs for partition coefficients of ionized species.

Leading-edge Descriptors...

     Uses 158 of our proprietary descriptors and 350 well-known topological descriptors.

High External-Validation Accuracy...

    Q2valid = 0.80 on external testing of 86 drugs with MAE = 0.52

Import Results...

Directly to ChemFinder™/ISISBase™/MDL QSAR™  for visualization of compounds via CS-SDF output

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CSLogD  Experimental

Methods and Descriptors

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