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CSHIA  ... Human Intestinal Absorption Predictor


“Outstanding”        ...best describes CSHIA

External Validation Test Results...

On external validation with a test set of 195 drugs, 92% of predictions were within 25% of the experimental value and the overall MAE was 11%.  Data from 612 drugs was used in the model development proess.

Continuous Percent Oral Absorption Values…

CSHIA is not a binary predictor. It outputs predicted oral absorption in the range from 0 to 100% and does not depend on the NEC’s molecular fragment


     SDF or CSV or XLS to handle large datasets in batch processing.

Leading-edge descriptors...

ChemSilico models are developed from a database of 158 proprietary descriptors along with 350 well-known topological and E-state descriptors

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HIA Predictor Comparison

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