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Information On Ordering

Information presented is for all ChemSilico products with the exception of Online Services.

If you are interested in Online Services, please call ChemSilico toll free at 1-888-636-8777

Ordering and Payment:

  • A purchase order from the customer is required for all products.  Please send the purchase order to, "Attention ChemSilico Sales", FAX number 781-271-5197.

  • Payment may be made by check or wire transfer.

  • Terms requre that payment is recieved 30 days (Net) from reciept of invoice.

Shipping and Delivery:

  • All product shipments are made upon receipt of payment or purchase order and are sent by Federal Express two-day delivery. The is no additional shipping charge charge for delivery to addresses in the United States,Canada or Mexico. Orders sent to all other international locations will have an additional air-freight delivery charge of $75.00.

Online Services:

To request pricing and availability information about our upcoming Web-Bases Services for all products, please call ChemSilico at lease call ChemSilico toll free at 1-888-636-8777

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